Spring Cleaning… Not Just for the Home!

Cut the clutter.

Your work van or truck is your on-the-go work space!   Sure enough, this vehicle’s interior can quickly become unorganized by the time the job is done for the day.  Supplies can often pile up or your valuable tools end up on the floor of the van.  Dirt gets tracked in, wrappers and trash from lunch on the road get tossed on the floor or mixed in with important paperwork, work orders and invoices. Reducing clutter and keeping the work van tidy will open up the van’s space, lessen the chance of misplacing important paperwork and help reduce wasted valuable time that eventually adds up to lost revenue.  Also an organized van is a great first step to impressing your customer!

Tips for keeping a clutter free work space:

  • Stay Organized by utilizing some of our best selling cab organizers. You can easily hold smaller electronics and tools with commercial van cab organizers from Adrian Steel, Masterack and Ranger Design and Sortimo.
  • Consider installing Van shelving  – Our four manufacturer’s offer high quality base packages that can be tailored to your specific industry.  These van solutions are a great and easy way to store your work supplies, products and tools. We are an authorized stocking distributor for premium shelving options from Adrian Steel, Masterack, Ranger Design, & Sortimo.
  • Keep clutter free by storing a slim trash can and trash bags in your vehicle.
  • Clean up!  Always have sanitizing wipes and a duster in your work van.

Give it light.

We need to see the ultimate mobile storage system that you created in your work van, therefore the next step is to incorporate some lighting.

  • Hang tap-activated lights on the interior side of your van doors to help you see on rainy days or on after-hour service calls.
  • Make sure the back corners of your van are also lit to help you find the equipment that you use less often.

And finally, there are an array of lighting choices for the ceiling of your vehicle.  Installing these will allow you to move seamlessly from your work van to the job site.