Our mission is to fulfill the work truck and equipment needs of all our customers and in doing so exceed their expectations for service, quality, timeliness and value.

In 1963, entrepreneurs Joseph and Carmela Scafidi entered the transportation industry via the taxicab market. Over the course of seven years, they went from owning and operating one taxi to successfully building a fleet of thirty five taxicabs. Ever sensitive to the needs of their customers, the Scafidi’s recognized a tremendous demand for wheelchair accessible transportation. Armed with business acumen and their devotion to providing a dependable and quality accessible vehicle, the Scafidi’s established New England Wheels, Inc. in 1981. Soon thereafter, they were joined by their children, Joe and Susan with their engineering and accounting degrees in hand

New England Wheels grew from a modest company into one of the nation’s most respected van conversion companies. Our success and continued growth is a testament to the superior quality of our products, our integrity and our solid commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

In 2000, the Scafidi Family established American Automotive Aftermarket, Inc. to further develop the business of installing aftermarket accessories for local dealerships, vehicle fleets and individual contractors and business owners. Over the past few years, sales have expanded to include retail sales of all aftermarket accessories not just commercial products.

In 2005, after operating New England Wheels for 24 years, the Scafidi family sold New England Wheels to concentrate on their newly formed business, American Automotive Aftermarket, Inc.

With a tremendous amount of experience in hand, an impeccable reputation, and their devotion to customer service, the Scafidi Family has earned the same amount of success with American Automotive Aftermarket, Inc. After ten years operating, we have again experienced growth which will prompt the expansion of our facility to increase our production capability so that we can continue to meet the needs of our customers.


We are extremely proud of all our employees and feel strongly that every individual plays an important role in achieving our company goals and mission. Hiring the right people is key to our success. We prioritize finding personalities and work ethic that fit our company culture, which has grown into a large and talented family.

Joseph Scafidi


Leslie Scafidi

Vice President

Carmela Scafidi


Marty Scafidi

Production Supervisor/Vinyl Graphics Specialist

Jim Burns

Sales Manager

Bill Corey

Outside Sales/Marketing Manager

Cassie Hunley

Upfit Design Coordinator

Paul Eriksen

Outside Sales

Stephanie Corey

Office Coordinator