Featured Product Friday – VebaBox

Do you regularly transport cargo that needs to remain cold? Are you concerned about your van losing market value by installing a refrigeration system? VebaBox is the van addition you need! VebaBox is a cooling container that can be installed in the cargo area of most vans. They are more cost effective and flexible then an entire refrigeration conversion and can be moved between vans if you are looking for a vehicle upgrade in the future.

The VebaBox can have different compartments for items that require different temperatures and can be built for any dimension van. The VebaBox remains cold when the engine is not running so whether you’re driving across the country or parked for lunch you can feel confident that your cargo remains safe and as cold as it was when it entered your van. While these hot summer months continue, don’t let your cargo suffer- call American Automotive Aftermarket at 866.783.6222 or email us at sales@aaaworktrucks.com today to get a quote for a VebaBox and installation!