What is an Adventure Van?

Adventure vans are anything you want them to be and can take you anywhere you want to go! From the east coast to the west coast and everything in between adventure vans will take you there.

American Automotive Aftermarket is excited to take on the challenge and creative aspect of custom builds to help fulfill the ultimate van life experience for our customers.  Our expertise in the commercial van up-fitting business for the last forty years has provided a solid foundation of working with an array of products.  We work hard to build a relationship with each and every custom build customer so that we can bring their ideas and wishes from concept to completion.

We look forward to continuing to learn more about the potential of adventure van conversions as customers come to us with new and unique van buildout ideas. From a camper van for the weekends to a full time home, vans can be customized in any way you want! We’ve created vans specific to customer’s lifestyles- creating job specific vans or vans customized for different activities, hobbies and sports.  Another benefit about living and traveling by van is the independence that comes with it.

When  traveling within a van there is little concern regarding finding accommodations for the night or what surprises the weather will bring because you have your own personal room on wheels!  A past customer has stated that living out of the van has provided a safer space for traveling during COVID-19. Adventure vans allow for the adventurous lifestyle many people long for but few attain- don’t miss out and get your van customized today so you can start your van life journey!