Ready for Adventure: Customer Interview with Jane (@WhiteKnight_VanLife)

From Boston to Seattle- @WhiteKnight_VanLife hit both coasts in their van the summer of 2019. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 their 2020 summer adventure had to be postponed to 2021, but thankfully Jane Feldman was willing to reminisce her van up-fit and 2 month long adventure with us. 

Their adventure starts in the fall of 2018 when the family made the decision to go all in buying a van and designing their own conversion. After looking into RVs and pre-converted vans they knew if they were going to get the product they wanted and needed to fit their almost full grown family- they would need to design their van to their specifications. 

American Automotive Aftermarket was happy to help by fully wiring the vehicle, installing their adventure wagon products, along with their heater, swivel seats, bumper, ladder, suspension, flares and more. With a few more self made conversions the van was completely finished by spring 2019  and they were ready to hit the road that summer! 

Being so excited about their new home on wheels the transition was relatively easy. While their fluffy adventure pals took a little more time to get used to the van, the entire family was excited to be able to go on these adventures together. Being able to bring the dogs along was a priority when making a final decision for the investment in the adventure van. Rather than traveling via plane or car and needing to leave them at home- the van was very much designed with them in mind! 

Jane loves the adaptability of her van. Being able to take things in and out allows for the van to be used for whatever they need! At the beginning of the conversion she was very concerned about getting fresh air into the van, thankfully this concern was resolved by the window conversion we completed! Lastly, Jane is thankful for the flares that allow for her to sleep comfortably in the back of the van. These additions allow for Jane and her family to travel from east to west and sleep comfortably within their home on wheels along the way! 

Their trip across the country was definitely their best trip thus far, but it didn’t come without its challenges. The first challenge they encountered was the kids sleeping arrangements. Designing beds themselves that utilize the front swivel chairs, the back seat chairs and a platform in between was a hassle to set up and on the first night one even fell. Luckly, the family was able to attend the Adventure Van Expo with Alumness and bought a Roof Nest Tent to allow for easier sleeping.

When having 4 people and 2 large dogs in such a small space for a long period of time it can be easy to get on each other’s nerves, but Jane looks back on the experience fondly. Expressing how close their family grew throughout this experience and how thankful she is that her children not only formed a stronger relationship, but that they were able to see so much of the country at such a young age. She also stated the trip prepared them for the long quarantine of 2020, after staying in a van together for 2 months- staying in a house isn’t an issue! 

We are excited to watch Jane and her family continue their adventures in their van- follow them on Instagram @WhiteKnight_VanLife to make sure you don’t miss their next ultimate road trip!