6 Reasons Why You Need to Pack a Hammock for your Next Adventure!


The Ultimate Chill Summer Hangout! 

No matter where you are a BBQ, music festival, a long hike or just a stroll through the woods a hammock can provide a comfy rest area or a hangout spot that everyone will enjoy! 


Easy set up!

A portable hammock is attached to two trees by adjustable straps. These straps can go around wide trees and have different loops for height options when attaching your hammock. These tree safe straps allow you to hammock wherever you desire without harming the trees and tailor your hammock height and tautness to your liking.  

Don’t have two trees? You can use your Aluminess ladder or roof rack on your van as a sturdy second side making hammocking possible almost anywhere!

Photo courtesy of Aluminess


Another Sleep Option for Camping!

When camping many people dread setting up and putting away the tent which can be pretty inconvenient. A tent also requires a flat area to set up camp. When camping with hammocks, flat ground is not a requirement and hammocks can be slept in without a covering or you can add a tent/ bug covering – whatever you prefer! In a hammock you also don’t need to worry about those pesky rocks you find half way through the night causing you discomfort or little critters trying to get into your area! 


Earth Friendly

In addition to the straps that are safe to tie around trees, when avoiding setting up a tent you avoid harming the vegetation/ ground of the campsite! 

Keeping Clean

Hammocks are often made of nylon or polyester; both of these materials wick away dirt and water and are easily cleaned so you can feel confident that no matter where you end up and how dirty you get your hammock can be cleaned easily and remain comfortable. 


Being in Nature

Bringing a hammock gives you an excuse to just spend time in nature. Whether you are going to nap, read, or just enjoy the scenery, a hammock is a great method to do so. Escaping to nature allows you to destress and unplug from the electronic world we live in and is a must have for any summer adventure.