Featured Product Friday – Adrian Steel Parcel Delivery Package

The Adrian Steel Delivery Package will make delivery easier and more efficient. Designed specifically from front to back with the best Adrian Products for accessibility, flexibility and safety to make your job easier! 

To start the parcel package includes a sliding door partition, separating you from the packages but allowing for easy access to the back of your van. Without having to exit the van to access your deliverables you are boosting the efficiency of your delivery system. 

Next, vital for every delivery truck are fold away shelves allowing for flexibility in how you load your van and how many items you can store. Adrian hydraulic folding shelves fold easily with minimal effort.  These allow for a variety of package sizes which will limit the number of trips you need to take! 

At the back of the van, a grab handle is installed for safety purposes. Simple yet effective in decreasing trips and falls when climbing on and out of the van. This handle also provides more stability when weather conditions aren’t ideal. 

Side and Rear steps are the final addition to this parcel delivery vehicle. Reducing fatigue by adding a second less strenuous step allows for drivers to deliver 100- 200 packages per day with ease!