Camping Recipes for the Ultimate Weekend Warrior

Venturing into the wilderness for the weekend doesn’t mean you can’t eat great tasting food. Whether you are staying in a converted van with a full kitchen or are camping in a tent and using the fire as your stove there are so many meals that can make this trip not only memorable for the beautiful natural sights but the food as well!  


Breakfast Sandwich: 

This sandwich is easy, filling, and delicious! This recipe uses leftover pulled pork- but if that isn’t available you can substitute your favorite breakfast sausage! Fry the eggs, warm up the meat of your choice and your sandwich is ready in no time! A great way to start the day and energize for whatever activities that day holds.

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Overnight Oats: 

It doesn’t get easier than overnight oats: set up the night before, get a good night’s rest, add toppings in the morning, and enjoy! This breakfast is especially great for camping because it doesn’t require any heat or cooking.  

We love the versatility of this breakfast- picky eaters can pick their own toppings and tailor it to their preferences. From fruit, to nut butters, to chocolatey treats- this breakfast can be dressed up however you please! 

Below is a recipe for  basic overnight oats allowing for you to get as creative as you want with your toppings! 

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Banana Bread Pancakes: 

Pancakes are another great breakfast while camping because they are easy to cook and still delicious, but when on a nature vacation you should still treat yourself! Next camping trip try sprucing up your pancakes with this banana bread pancakes recipe! 

The simple additions of cinnamon, a mashed banana, and some toasted walnuts elevates these pancakes beyond your typical breakfast. We suggest mixing your dry ingredients at home to make this recipe even easier! 

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Hotdogs are a cookout staple and make a great camping lunch! Children have a great time roasting them over the fire and they are done in minutes! 

If you want to change up the typical hotdog for your camping adventure try Campfire Crescent dogs! While the buttery, flakey roll may not be the healthiest option, it tastes delicious and who said you should eat healthy on vacation anyways!? 

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Peanut Butter and Jelly is such a classic we don’t think we need to put a recipe! A literal 2 minute prep time allows you to eat a healthy lunch, energize your body, and not spend too much time away from your adventure for the day! The PB&Js are also the ultimate hiking or on the go lunch. They don’t require a cooler, are small and light so you won’t even notice them in your pack and can provide you enough instant and prolonged energy to get you through the trials and back to home base! 

Worried because someone in your group has a peanut allergy? Try sunbutter (peanut butter but made of sunflower seeds)! It’s a delicious alternative that can bring peace of mind to your camp ground. 


Want something warm for lunch? This pasta dish is easy to make and will satisfy you for hours! It can be as easy as boiling the pasta and adding a jar of sauce or you can change it up by adding meat, veggies, and spices of your choice! This pasta is very versatile and will feed all of the hungry campers you’re staying with! 

Below is a single pot recipe so no need to worry about bringing an entire kitchen with you, it also includes beef to add a little something to your meal! 

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Foil Packs

Foil packs are a great option for campfire cooking as it allows for food to cook directly on the fire (just be careful taking them out)! Foil packs can be premade at home or are easy to assemble on sight! There are so many options for the types of food you can cook this way. One recipes we love is italian sausage, but you could also cook beef and chicken this way if that is what you are craving! Foil packs are also great for vegetarian options as vegetables cook really well this way! These methods also allow you to season based on what you like as a foil pack is one individual portion: do you like spicy food while your camping buddies can’t handle the heat? Foil packs are a great way to satisfy everyone’s taste buds! 

Italian Sausage Recipe 


Kebabs are one of the best camping dinners, easy to prepare at home, are customizable to those you are dining with, and can feed a large group. Similar to foil packs there are endless possibilities with Kebabs below we include a classic recipe with seasoned chicken and veggies then we have a steak teriyaki recipe that will be sure to be a hit! 

We suggest separating veggies and meat on different kebabs. While it may not make for the perfect instagram photo, it will ensure items receive the proper cooking time, and allows for campers with different diets to enjoy just as much! 

Grilled Chicken Kebabs