Featured Product Friday – Adrian Steel Organization Products

Fall is a busy season for everyone, whether business picks up, you’re trying to spend time with family and friends (in a socially responsible way these days), or just preparing for the cold weather ahead, you don’t have time to waste! Keep your van organized with these Adrian Steel products created to keep every file in their place. With several filing cabinet options you can tailor your van to your organizational needs. Need a place to complete paperwork on the go? An Adrian workbench module could help supply a place to work but also organize your files and supplies. Just looking for a paper holder? The simple but effective paper holders might be all you need!

If you are looking for more organization in the cab of your van the tech desk will make your work day more efficient and effortless. Featuring USB ports to make sure you are powered up throughout the day, a locking mechanism to keep the storage system closed when in motion, and a non-slip coating to eliminate the risk of your phone sliding off. With an LED light strip you can easily see everything in the organizer!

With these organizational tools your van will remain clean and organized so you can get the job done without a hitch!