Make your Van feel Cozier This Fall


To add to both the aesthetic and function of your van, a wood stove would be a great addition!

Adding a classic cabin feeling to the van functioning as decor can make your van feel homier. The stove can be used for cooking year-round and in the colder months the wood stove can be used to heat your van without an external power source or any battery usage.

A Blanket Basket: 

Having lots of blankets on hand is a must have for the fall and winter. Adding layers to your bed allows you to save on heat throughout the night. It also will allow you to bring in the crisp fall air while remaining warm! We suggest a basket with a cover for a cozy fall look, but any cabinet full of blankets will work!

Mood Lighting: 

LED Light Strip:

An LED light strip is an easy and affordable way to add alternative lighting to your van compared to the overhead lights you may have installed. Many LED Lights feature a remote so you can change the color based on whatever you’re feeling.

Lanterns/ String Lights:

Lanterns and lights aren’t just for Halloween! Get in the holiday spirit a little early with a string of lights and lanterns to make your van more vibrant. Perfect for some mood lighting when watching a movie or enjoying a nice warm dinner.

Projector Movie Theater Set Up 

A projector and a sheet are a must have for all comfy vans. If you live in an area with a mild fall and winter you can set up the projector outside to make an extravagant campsite. Fear not if you are from the north or an area that experiences cold winters, a small projector can turn the back of your van into a movie theater. Add some blankets, pillows, popcorn, and you have a cozy movie night ahead of you!