Winter Activities to Get You Outside

It is easy to fall into a winter routine (especially this one) that contains you within the walls of your home and work with only a car ride in between. Here is a list of activities that may inspire you to get outside this weekend, get some fresh air, and reconnect with nature! 

Sledding/ Tubing: 

Sledding is not just for children awarded a snow day, but for anyone seeking a thrill in the midst of winter. With minimal equipment and a large hill- a day of fun awaits. This is a great way to have fun, get some exercise, and is sure to bring some laughs as you fly down the hills.

Climbing up hills not your style but still want to sled? Tubing is right up your ally! A “magic carpet” totes you to the top of the hill and pre-made tracks are designed to ensure a full speed wild ride down the hill. Get some fresh air and some adventure without the sore legs the next day.

Skiing/ Snowboarding: 

Maybe you are ready to pick up a new sport or ready to pick one back up that may have taken a backseat when life got busy. Skiing and snowboarding are excellent activities for exercise and athletic skill development. They also are great ways to join an athletic community and make friends when traveling (and will be even better after COVID-19 subsides)!  Skiing and snowboarding offer not only leisurely activities, but once well-trained you can learn tricks or enter competitions/ races!

Ice Skating: 

From the Rockefeller Center to lakes in the mountains ice skating is an activity enjoyed by many. The feeling of sliding on ice is refreshing when cooped up all day and only requires a pair of skates that can often be rented or bought used for a reasonable price! Ice skating can be an activity for exercise when racing around a rink or lake or an excuse to get outside and take in the scenery while peacefully gliding around!


If you are looking for a slower paced sport, snowshoeing might be for you. With attachable snowshoes you can hit the snow and go on a hike or a chill walk outside. This is a great way to find yourself in nature and explore some national parks through a completely different lens then you may see in the summer.

Nature Walks: 

No need to worry if you are not a fan of trudging through the snow, national parks across America have both snowy and snowless options throughout the winter! Take a stroll through Zion National Park with paved roads and trails free of snow to keep your feet nice and dry or visit Joshua Tree National Park for evenings of stargazing! The more southern national parks are a great option for hikers who don’t want to take on the snow but can’t give up hiking for the winter months!

Scenic Drives/ Glamping: 

Rather stay inside but still want to enjoy some winter scenery? There’s still some options for you! Many national parks feature drive through options where you can take a drive through the park to see the sites from the comfort of your warm van or car. Another option more suitable for a post-covid world is a glamping trip to a cabin in the woods! Airbnb had some great cabin options for those who want to view nature but prefer to sit in front of the fire snuggled up in a blanket for these cold months! A change of scenery from plows and slush to snow capped mountains and trees may be just what you need to reconnect with nature throughout the winter months!