This month’s employee spotlight is shining on Bill Corey, our Marketing Manager and Sales Associate! Bill has been a valuable contributor here at AAA Work Trucks since 2009 when he joined as a driver, helping to pick up and deliver our customers’ vehicles. Over the past fifteen years, Bill has worn many hats and has served as a utility player of sorts for our growing company. Although his focus has been in Sales and Marketing, he has also been valuable in assisting our Production Manager, Marty and Rob, our Inventory Manager. We count on Bill to prepare us for our tradeshows and customer presentations as well as record our radio and TV spots. Bill truly does it all! His work is commended as being efficient and organized as well as being completed with great attention to detail.

When we asked other AAA Work Trucks employees to describe Bill, nearly every single person described him as being eager to help out and lend a hand in whatever area it is needed. Others spoke to his kindness and team-oriented mindset. His contributions and positive impact are all the more impressive considering that Bill also holds a position as a full-time Lowell firefighter and is in the office when he is not at the station. We asked Bill what he enjoyed most about his job here at AAA Work Trucks and he shared how much he loves being able to talk to everyone, all the way up to the owners of the company. He commented on the community built within the company, saying “I feel like a part of the Scafidi Family.”

If you’ve ever stopped by an AAA Work Trucks Open House or hosted event you might see Bill also acting as our DJ behind the speakers. He is our advertising superstar with his image on our demonstration van and a starring role in our TV commercial! A man of many talents and hobbies, Bill enjoys DJing, playing golf and ice hockey, and coordinating his entire outfit down to his hat and sneakers. Bill also hosts his own weekly podcast and is an avid Boston sports fan.

Bill’s constant positive disposition lights up the office and we are incredibly grateful for his dedication to AAA Work Trucks and his many contributions to the company.