Legend Fleet StabiliGrip Flooring

StabiliGrip flooring is a composite rigid floor with a fiber-mesh inlay. With an extreme anti-slip, this floor maximizes worker safety, efficiency, and keeps cargo in place. Made from 75 percent recycled product, it is engineered to endure all climates and temperatures without bulging or buckling. It is extremely durable, impact resilient, moisture resistant, and rot proof.

Legend’s newest product StabiliGrip is gaining a truly legendary name in the industry as the only dimensionally-stable composite floor available for cargo vehicles.

StabiliGrip flooring has a black “sandpaper” textured rubberized surface for maximum grip. The rubberized top also helps to absorb impact and make the flooring more puncture resistant. The center core of StabiliGrip is a dimensional stable composite LDPE (low-density polyethylene) that mitigates reaction to extreme temperatures. The center core is sandwiched by two layers of fiber mesh to increase stability and rigidity. On the bottom there is another rubberized cushioning layer to reduce road noise and rattling. StabiliGrip is .5 inches thick and all floors are available only from the 60 x 72″ layout.

A rail joint creates a smooth floor surface, preventing any potential trip hazards and creating a much easier install.

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