Legend LF00-XStep Automatic Mechanical Side Door Step


• The KTL coating (cathodic dip painting) is characterised by very good corrosion resistance, even in cavities and on sharp edges.

• The corrosion protection is significantly increased by passivation during pre-treatment.

• Tested stone impact resistance according to DIN 55996-1

• Resistant to aggressive acids and alkalis

• Hard surface

• Additional duplex coating of the cassette possible (powder coating in RAL colours)

• Resistant to stone chips and salt water

• Slip resistance R13 according to DIN 51130

• Displacement space V04 according to DIN 51130

• High abrasion resistance (aluminium oxide grain)

• UV resistant and temperature stable

• Resistant to chemicals (oil, brake fluid,…)

• Classification C according to DIN 51097

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Ideal step for maximizing efficiency on the job.

Its unique design and innovative construction impresses at every level. The technical development guarantees a high slip resistance (R13) and the duplex coating gives rust no chance to develop.

Due to the enclosed construction, the mechanics are optimally protected and the door combined function simply deploys and retracts the step without electricity, to ensure guaranteed performance.

1. Maintenance-free tribopolymer plain bearings

2. Closed cassette protects the mechanics from external influences

• Lubricant-free

• High resistance to dirt

• Corrosion-free

• Very good media resistance

• If required, bearings can be exchanged in a simple way (clip bearings)

• Weight X3L: 22,5 kg – Weight X3K: 23,5 kg

• Construction height only 76mm (long wheelbase)

• Load capacity: 350 kg

• Step width: 1000mm