Jeff Dieffenbach

Early last year, I started to explore cargo vans to convert for bike camping. On the van front, there are three primary options–Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Ram ProMaster. Easy enough to compare.

I did NOT want, however, to do all of the work myself. In particular, I wanted a pro to handle the “infrastructure”–sleep platform, second row seating, second row windows, heating, roof vents, and awning.

I figured that with VT, NH, and ME in addition to western MA, there’d be a number of upfitters from whom to choose. I was mistaken. A fair bit of searching led me to American Automotive Aftermarket.

And they hit it out of the park! While my build wasn’t necessarily a big job by their standards, I never once got the sense that I wasn’t an important customer. From an initial phone call to an in-person meeting to discuss my ideas, they were great. They turned those conversations and a spec I put together into a quote.

From there, we pared the build down to meet my budget and focus on the most important elements. The job came in on time and on budget. I’ve now been using the built out van for 8 months and couldn’t be happier. American Automotive Aftermarket’s work has held up, and some of the areas where they helped me decide turned out great.

Jeff Dieffenbach